Departments of Al-Taj Specialist Hospital

Al Taj Specialist Hospital aims to provide distinguished medical services by providing the latest technology and medical devices in various specialties as it provides medical hotel services that are the best through wards and rest rooms equipped with the latest medical systems and under the supervision of the elite of doctors and a specialized medical staff and make our hospital experience comparable to those outside the country

Hospital departments


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Al Taj Specialized Hospital provides a modern section for childbirth, where it is the responsibility of this department to provide assistance to the mother by providing advice and care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum recovery period with the aim of achieving our goal of providing the family with a safe and healthy atmosphere of high quality for the mother and newborn

The maternity department also contains a modern department for premature babies that receives cases from the hospital and from outside the hospital


Children section

Al-Taj Specialist Hospital provides a modern department for premature infants who receives cases from the hospital and from outside the hospital


General Surgery

The general surgery department in the hospital provides everything necessary to evaluate and conduct a wide range of simple and complex general surgeries by working closely with the staff of the concerned specialists who diagnose the patient’s condition and determine the necessary surgical intervention in case it is needed

This section contains the most recent equipment needed for operations where global origins have been approved for the smallest details in the section in terms of design and equipment


Plastic surgery

Al Taj Hospital offers a department specializing in plastic surgery. Our doctors in this department specialize in all plastic surgery and treat the effects of different types of conditions and deformities resulting from injuries.


Operations Department

The Operations Department is one of the main and critical hubs that are at the heart of Al Taj Specialist Hospital. This section is one of the most complex because it requires a sensitive, intense and decisive interaction between the different departments in every field and field - from the medical field and the nursing field, through the administrative field to the field of services and finances.

The operations department is fundamentally different from the rest of the departments. The fixed department staff is comprised of various nursing and support staff (nurse aides, baboon etc.). Depending on the surgeries to be performed every week, the operations department staff is joined by a team from the anesthesia department (which is constantly located in operating room facilities) and many other crews from different surgical departments.


Orthopedics, joints and fractures

The hospital provides specialties for joints, bones and fractures, where modern medical methods can be used to diagnose and treat medical problems related to this field. The hospital also periodically brings in foreign medical teams specializing in this field in order to provide enlightenment in treatment methods and to provide the hassle of traveling to patients with advanced conditions

The hospital has a cadre of skilled Iraqi specialist doctors aimed at resting and serving patients with the help of the modern radiology department at the hospital to reach a diagnosis and treatment of the condition as quickly as possible.


Cardiovascular surgery and catheterization

The Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at Al Taj Specialist Hospital provides integrated diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for cardiovascular patients and also provides specialized and equipped staff with the latest equipment for diagnosis, treatment and necessary surgical interventions for the patient


Intensive care for adults and children

The intensive care in the hospital is equipped with the latest equipment with international origins, as this section contains the latest and most accurate monitoring and patient care devices and is followed up by the specialized staff and specialized nurses around the clock for the patient's condition


Urinary tract surgery

Al Taj Hospital provides urology, where specialized hospital doctors work to diagnose various conditions related to the urinary tract, in addition to diagnosing and treating kidney and bladder problems and lithotripsy.



The emergency department in Al Taj Specialist Hospital receives emergency cases around the clock, where immediate and necessary care is provided by the staff specialized in various emergencies for the purpose of treating and assessing the situation and taking all necessary measures to determine the risk


The pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy provides various types of treatments and medical equipment and is of high quality for the hospital and outside the hospital around the clock, as there are various medicines with approved originals available in the pharmacy.


Consulting clinics

The consulting clinics in the hospital provide all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic consultations for the patient and for different cases within the various disciplines. The clinics work in an integrated manner with the hospital laboratory, radiology department, and pharmacy for the purpose of providing everything necessary for the patients

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